may 28–31 2020 Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


VI International Exhibition of Arms and Technologies



As it was previously reported, the business program had been rich and contained a number of meetings and negotiations. Kazakhstan Defence Minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov met with representatives of the Ministries of Defence of Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, China, discussing with them issues of bilateral cooperation and prospects for further implementation of joint plans.
Deputy Defence Minister Major-General Talgat Zhanzhumenov and Sergei Gromov discussed the prospects of joint cooperation with companies from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, France, USA, UK and many others.

The meeting was also attended by the chiefs of the Republican State Enterprise “Kazspetsexport” and JSC “National Company” Kazakhstan Engineering”, Deputy Defence Minister Maykeev Bagdad, commanders of types and braches of the Armed Forces, as well as representatives of the Department for Military-Technical Policy of the Ministry of Defence.

In the frames of the exhibition the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a three dozen meetings with heads of delegations of foreign government agencies and defence enterprises.

As the result of these meetings there were signed protocols of intentions – the documents that define the short-range plans and prospects of the sides on joint military-technical cooperation.

The first protocol of intentions was signed between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Engineering” and European companies «Eurocopter» on possible acquisition of helicopter EC-725 and organization of their assembly on the basis of limited responsibility partnership “Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering”.

In the sphere of ​​coastal missile systems for Navy of the Republic of Kazakhstan there was signed a protocol of intentions between the Directorate of the Commander-in-Chief of Navy of the Republic of Kazakshtan, JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Engineering” and companies «MBDA France» SAS (France) and the «Indra Sistemas SA» (Spain).

The signed protocol of intentions between the Main Directorate of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan for Ammunition, JSC “Kazahvzryvprom” and PJSC “Lugansk cartridge plant” (Ukraine) concerned the acquisition of technologies and equipment (rotary lines) for production of small arms ammunition in Kazakhstan.

With the signing of the protocol of intentions between the Main Directorate of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan for Ammunition, LLP “Alma DK” and the Kazan powder plant there outlined a perspective of domestic production of gunpowder on production basis of LLP “Alma DK” in Arys.

Organization of inspection, repair and modernization of rockets for MLRS “Grad” with increasing distance from 20 to 40 km is envisaged in the protocol of intentions between the Main Directorate of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan for Ammunition, JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Engineering “(JSC “PZTM”) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “”Splav State Rresearch and Production Association” (Russia).

Joint-stock company “National Company “Kazakhstan Engineering” signed agreements on long-term partnership until 2020 with the world’s leading companies amounting to 1.8 billion U.S. dollars.

“Kazakhstan Engineering” had concluded an agreement on joint production of BTR-4 with the “Ukrspetsexport”.

There was signed a memorandum of understanding with american company “Cessna Aircraft Company” om technical maintenance of Cessna Grand Caravan 208B aircraft and organization of their assembly on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the sphere of production and aftersale maintenance of armoured wheeled vehicle “Kobra” there was signed memorandum of cooperation between “National Company “Kazakhstan Engineering” and turkish company «OTOKAR Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.Ş».

And memorandum of understanding between LLP “Eurocopter Kazakhstan engineering” and LLP “Kazakhstan Aselsan engineering” consideres possibility of installation of optical-electronic equipment (night vision devices, thermal imagery devices) on aircrat ES-145.

Also JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Engineering” signed a memorandum of understanding with Korean company «STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.» in sphere of conctruction of the shipbuilding / ship repair yard in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea with the possibility of transfer of advanced technologies.

The authorized agency of the Ministry of Defence for export and import of armament and military equipment – Republican State Enterprise “Kazspetsexport” signed dealership contracts with Arsenal JSCo (Bulgaria), JSC “Corporation” Protection” (Russia), “Pyro-Ross “(Russia) on charges for salut installations.

Let’s remind that second International Exhibition of weapons systems and military equipment «KADEX-2012″ was held in Astana on May 3-6, 2012. It was held in accordance with order of the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from August 4, 2011.

The exhibition showcased weapons and military equipment of the Land Forces and Navy, aircraft, air defence systems and equipment, special purpose equipment, IT-technologies, systems and communications, logistics and technical equipment.

Products of military and dual-purpose production of 253 defence companies, including 83 domestic and 170 foreign companies from 23 countries were presented in eight closed halls and outdoor areas. The largest number of foreign companies were represented from Russia and Turkey. In addition, representatives of more than 40 foreign and Kazakhstani companies participated in the exhibition without the organization of the exhibition stands. The total number of professional companies and organizations representing their products amounted to more than 2,500 persons.

In the closed halls the exhibition area amounted to 6 thousand square meters, one thousand square meters of which was occupied by products of Kazakhstani enterprises. 15 units of aircraft and 83 units of land vehicles were exhibited in the open area which amounted to 26 thousand square meters.

The exhibition was attended by official delegations of CSTO, as well as countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, India, Israel, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, France.

Diplomatic Corps at the exhibition was presented by ambassadors and military attaches from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, United States, China, France, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, India, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Iran, Romania, Pakistan, Canada Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Georgia, Sweden.

The total number of official delegations and representatives of military and diplomatic corps, foreign comanies in the official days was more than three thousand persons.
In the open days (5-6 May), according to experts and researchers the exhibition was attended by more than 10 thousand men, which, in turn, affected the development of tourism and hospitality industry. There were organized excursions in the city of Astana for official visitors and exhibitors.

The peculiarity of this exhibition, in comparison with the exhibition «KADEX-2010″, was the fact that many foreign companies have submitted operating models of weapons and military equipment.

During the exhibition Kazakhstani military specialists familiarized with examples of military transport, front and army aviation. Airbus Military company introduced transport aircraft of various modifications, Eurocopter company demonstrated helicopters “EC-725 Super Puma” and ES-145, which is used in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG”, P. Sukhoi Design Bureau, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant demonstrated their products as well.

Such samples of weapons and military equipment, as a multifunctional tactical fighter,MiG-29M2, aviation simulator of Mi-17 helicopter, missile system “Shturm-SMA” of Russian production, upgraded anti-aircraft missile complex SAM-125 (“Rosoboronexport”), Belarusian modernized air defence missile systems” Buk-MB, drones of French company«Sagem», production of Israeli companies «IAI», «Elbit Systems», production of Pakistani company «GIDS» were of the greatest interest of specialists of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstani military specialists were also interested in Russian and Korean mine-sweeping ships, coastal missile systems for Navy of Spanish company «INDRA» and French company «MBDA», automated systems of control of troops from the strategic to the tactical level from the Russian concern “Systemprom”.

Representatives of signal troops were interested in radio communication for intelligence Special Operations Group, which were provided by the company «Tadiran» (Israel), Russian “Sarapul Radio Works”, Kazakhstan company «Delta-IT».

Specialists also expressed interest in products of HF, VHF radio, complexes and means of monitoring, radiointerception, detection and direction finding, automated systems of control of troops. The spectrum of this production was showcased by Kazakhstani company ELSI Tech, Russian company Scientific-Technical Center Elins, German company «Rohde & Schwarz», Ukrainian company of “NTS RTS AN PRE”.

In unanimous opinion of organizers and participants of the second international exhibition of weapons systems and military equipment «KADEX-2012″ plans of Kazakhstan Ministry of Defence on organization a worthy ground for negotiations and business meetings had been realized. Increase of exhibitors number compared to the previous exhibition “KADEX-2010″ confirms its growing popularity and credibility. Therefore, the country’s image strengthens.

Command staff of the Ministry of Defence is confident that the planned for the 2014 exhibition of weapons systems would be a worthy link in the chain of holding already a traditional military exhibition and it would enable military specialists to be well informed about the latest advances in weaponry.



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