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VI International Exhibition of Arms and Technologies




 June 2, 2016

As a result of the first day of KADEX-2016 exhibition, the most important component was the business program, during which fruitful contracts with defense establishments of foreign countries have been signed.  Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC, represented this year by 20 enterprises, concluded three significant contracts with Ukraine and Belarus. Thus, Kazakhstani thermal vision cameras are planned to be exported to Belarus.  The Kazakhstani company KAE intends to supply its thermal vision cameras to Belorussian Peleng for their subsequent installation to sighting systems. The relevant Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the “fields” of the International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX-2016 by the Deputy Director General of KAE LLP Abiyur Alshimbayev and Deputy Director General of Peleng OJSC Sergey Litvyakov. The Ukrainian JSC Motor Sich transferred to the Kazakhstan Aviation Industry (KAI) LLP technologies for MI-2 and MI-8 helicopters modernization and overhaul repair of MI-8 helicopter engines. The corresponding License Agreement was signed by the President of Motor Sich JSC Vyacheslav Boguslayev and Director General of KAI LLP Kairat Zhaukhanov. Besides, on Thursday KAI LLP signed a contract for overhaul repair and modernization of Su-25 aircraft on the Belorussian JSC 558 Aircraft Repair Plant with the prospective of arrangement of such works on the ATC base. The Kazakhstani company Kaztechnologies signed three memoranda with the UAE, Great Britain and Bulgaria for supply of future products of the ammunition factory. As well, the memorandum with the Turkish company Diarsan on procurement of a missile gunnery ship for the Naval Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan was signed.

Opening ceremony

Today, on June 2, the RK Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief – the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the opening ceremony of IV International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX – 2016. The President visited pavilions and estimated the quality of presented exhibit items of the armament sector of various countries. He mentioned that such exhibitions of weapons systems and military equipment allowed domestic companies to adopt the best practices of foreign partners and develop own production. “We celebrate 25 years of our Independence this year. We have been building our Armed Forces within all these years. A state always determines its independence by its Armed Forces. Kazakhstan had never had a staff education system. Nowadays we train from Sergeants to Generals in Higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the country in different military art sectors. Supply and provision with military equipment are the most important for the country. We mostly use the equipment we had during the Soviet period.  But now we can be proud as we can independently produce military equipment, armament, etc. We cooperate with various countries on armament supply and transfer of some enterprises in Kazakhstan. We collaborate not only with Russia, but also with many European countries, Israel, South Africa. We shall follow the example and experience, and develop our own military industrial complex,” – N. Nazarbayev said. Military personnel of the only Mountain Foresters Regiment of the RK Armed Forces in the CIS surprised the visitors with their spectacular performance at the opening ceremony of the IV International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX – 2016 at the demonstration field. As well, at the solemn opening ceremony of KADEX-2016, a world-famous stunt group NOMAD demonstrated their most complicated cavalry tricks under the guidance of the renowned stuntman Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov.  Students of the Stage Combat School “Kun-do” showed hand-to-hand combat under guidance of Igor Tsay. Military servicemen of the 36th Air Assault Brigade of the RK Armed Forces also participated in the opening show-program. It is worth mentioning that for the very first time on-line broadcasting of the exhibition opening ceremony could be watched on the official web-site of the RK Ministry of Defense.

June 3, 2016

Results of the second day of KADEX-2016 Exhibition showed their achievements.  If at the first day of the exhibition six contracts with foreign countries were concluded, then at the next day domestic enterprises continued their fruitful business program. The Kazakhstani company Kaztechnologies, supported by the RK Ministry of Defense, concluded two contracts with the PRC on the business platform of KADEX-2016. A memorandum on transfer of technologies and equipment was signed with Norinco Corp company, producing large-scale ammunition, with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the RK Nurlan Saurnbayev. An important event was signing of the Memorandum on Foundation of the Joint Venture, that will construct housing funds for military servicemen of the RK Armed Forces. Kaztechnologies company has also signed a memorandum with the Russian company Splav Research and Production Association on modernization and check-out of jet projectiles for MRLS “Grad-1”. Besides, a memorandum with one more Bulgarian company was signed. With participation of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the RK Talgat Mukhtarov, the Memorandum of Intentions was signed with the German company Abeking&Rasmussen for supply of a missile gunnery ship for the RK Naval Forces. Today, the group of companies Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC signed 12 documents. Among them are the following: KAE company signed a memorandum on supply of infra-red lenses and thermic vision cameras for their subsequent integration into unmanned aerial vehicles. Semey Engineering plant intends to export conversion equipment to Myanmar. The management of the Kazakhstani plant signed a contract with representatives of MCM Pte Ltd company, the discussed term of equipment delivery is 18 months. The Russian company Oboronitelnye Sistemy (Defense Systems) is ready to supply to Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC the means of radioelectronic combat and communications surveillance; in this regard, a bilateral agreement was signed. Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering signed Memoranda of Intentions for supply of 7 helicopters ЕС125 to the Akimat of East Kazakhstan Region, 18 helicopters ЕС130 for KazMedAir LLP. Alongside with that, Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering and Kazaviaspas JSC concluded Memoranda of Intentions on technical maintenance of existing aircrafts ЕС145, and additional procurement of combined helicopters fleet. Gidropribor RDI JSC and the Spanish company SAES are planning joint production of marine mines. The relevant Memorandum of Intentions was signed by the Director General of Gidropribor RDI JSC Aleksandr Gnelomedov and Director General of SAES Antonio Kordero..

June 4, 2016

Within the framework of the International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX, Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC concluded agreements on long-term cooperation amounting to 45 billion tenge with a range of foreign companies and Kazakhstani enterprises. The management of Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC, as well as subsidiary heads, held more than 40 meetings with representatives of the military industrial complex and leading foreign manufacturers of armament and military equipment. Thus, as a result of negotiations, Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC, 405 ARP and  Russian Helicopters JSC signed a Road Map of joint projects up to 2020 aimed at  extension of after-sales service of Russia-manufactured helicopter equipment. Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC and Russian Oboronitelnye Sistemy (Defense Systems) concluded an agreement for supply of radioelectronic combat complexes with small unmanned aerial vehicles “Repellent” and landside communications surveillance complex  “Avtobaza-M”. КАЕ LLP agreed with RDI MTT JSC (Research and Development Institute of Modern Telecommunication Technologies) (the Russian Federation), having signed the relevant document on supply of infra-red lenses and thermal vision cameras for their subsequent integration into UAVs, with Belorussian Peleng on integration of its thermal vision cameras into their sighting systems. On the exhibition “fields”, Plant named after S.M. Kirov JSC and Indian Elcom innovations concluded Memoranda on Cooperation in the sphere of radioelectronics and communication; Petropavlovsk Plant of Heavy Machine Building JSC, Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP and Israeli Elbit Systems concluded Memoranda related to the system production on the basis of 120-mm mortar with recoil mechanisms and mechanical drive. Gidropribor RDI JSC and Spanish SAES are planning to launch joint production of marine mines. The companies’ heads signed the memorandum about it during the second day of KADEX-2016. Semey Engineering JSC concluded with representatives of MCM Pte Ltd one of the major contracts on conversion equipment supply to Myanmar; another their memorandum on export of modernized military and civil equipment was concluded with the Bulgarian company Metalika – AB EOOD. The agreement on transfer to the Kazakhstan Aviation Industry (KAI) LLP of technologies for MI-2 and MI-8 helicopters modernization and overhaul repair of MI-8 helicopter engines was signed with Motor Sich JSC  (Ukraine), the contract for overhaul repair and modernization of Su-25 type aircraft was signed with the Belorussian 558 Aircraft Repair Plant. 
Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP (ECKE) reached an agreement on potential supply of its helicopters to a range of Kazakhstani companies and government agencies. Representatives of the Akimat of East Kazakhstan Region signed Memoranda of Intentions with “ECKE” for purchase of 7 helicopters ЕС125, KazMedAir LLP - for purchase of 18 helicopters ЕС130. Alongside with that, Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering is going to carry out technical maintenance of aircrafts ЕС145 of Kazaviaspas JSC. As reported, IV International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX is held in Astana city on June 2-5, 2016. The co-organizer of the exhibition is Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC. This year, Kazakhstan Engineering group of companies is represented by 20 enterprises, which will demonstrate to the exhibitors 42 units of military equipment and 95 items of military and civil products. 

Today, KADEX-2016 exhibition opened its doors for visitors in Astana. Everybody can visit it from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the air base of the RK Armed Forces.
People of all ages come to the air base from the morning. Little and young Astana citizens, military equipment fans, whole families came to exhibition to see the achievements of domestic and foreign defense industry complex.
“I am a reservist and I was interested to see our weaponry, the force of our army. I teach my grandsons to be patriotic. Here I showed them tanks and airplanes. They were all fascinated by what they saw, their eyes were glowing, they wanted to examine every helicopter, to touch with their hands what they usually see in movies,” - a visitor of the exhibition Oleg Grigoryev told.
It should be pointed out that everyone who wishes can get to the exhibition by buses № 10 and № 100, which route goes near the exhibition place, and by bus № 12, that will specially drive to the exhibition these days. There is a parking for visitors’ vehicles on the left side of the entrance.
Today musicians of the central military orchestra will give a ground-concert for visitors, and also there will be a performance of a silent drill team.

During demonstrations of the Land Forces military equipment and air show performed by the military pilots of the RK Air Force, the audience of the KADEX-2016 exhibition open day could see the army strength and acrobatic flying. 
Today, the military personnel showed the real technology review for visitors. Armored wheeled vehicles "Arlan", "Cobra", "Landrover", "Hammer", and tanks drove through the conditional training area territory. The area of the aviation base was dinned by sounds of imitation of combat firing. However, they did not frighten the audience, but caused a delight tornado. 
"We boast of our army when realizing that these vehicles defend us. Everything is clearly visible here; it is a real performance for the audience. Thanks to the organizers for such opportunity to observe all this with own eyes", - a visitor of the exhibition Aydar Nurym noted. 
Flights of our military pilots of the Air Force became kind of "a feature" of the demonstration program. Nayza flight group on EC145 helicopters made a debut performance today. Solo flying was shown on SU-30 fighter, as well as aerobatic flying was shown by the military pilots of Zhetysu flight group on SU-27 planes. Moreover, the air training center presented its mastery to the audience on the training aircrafts Zlin242 and TL-2000. Kazakhstani pilots’ performance was noted by Mukhtar Altynbayev, the Deputy of the Senate of the RK Parliament. 
"The most important thing is that we showed not only weapons and military equipment, but that we are a peaceful state. The exhibition itself is very representative. The feature is that if earlier the flying mastery was shown by pilots from other countries, now our pilots show their mastery and excellent piloting", - Altynbayev said. 
It should be noted that the fourth International Exhibition KADEX-2016 held by the RK Ministry of Defense will last till June 5 of this year. The residents and guests of the capital can visit the exhibition halls and see demonstration performances of combat capabilities of air and other military technology absolutely free of charge. 


June 5, 2016

Today, the IV International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX-2016 completed in Astana on the air base of the RK Armed Forces. The flag has been hauled down on the air base that became a sign of closing of KADEX-2016 Exhibition. KADEX-2016 Exhibition will be remembered for thousands of visitors, dozens of agreements signed, hundreds of military technology exponents presented on open and covered areas, thousands of pictures made by the Kazakhstani and foreign news photographers.
During four days, all force and power of Kazakhstani and foreign defense industry complex - ZLIN training aircrafts, C-295 light transport planes, SU-30 CM fighters, Mi-171Sh helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, armored vehicles "Arlan", "Barys", and modernized tanks were shown and all these technology and many others could be reviewed in statics and in action. 
Moreover, the business program – the international military scientific and technical conference, presentations, and the round table conferences became an important component of the exhibition.
Demonstration and business programs are focused on achievement of the main objective, which is forced development of defense industry complex, attraction of investments, strengthening of military and technical cooperation with the leading international manufacturers. 
Within open days – on June 4 and 5 – a large number of persons interested attended the exhibition. Guests with their families came to see what the defense industry complex of Kazakhstan and other countries is honored for. While adults investigated technical performance of the exhibits and compared the exponents, children enjoyed the realistic prototypes of tanks, armored vehicles, aircrafts and helicopters. Everyone could get to the exhibition by buses; the buffet and trade tents, where it was possible to have a lunch at reasonable price, were available for the visitors. The event featured the performances of musicians of the central military orchestra, who gave aground-concert, as well as of the silent drill team. 
The scale of the event allowed presenting not only operational, but combat characteristics as well, both of armored vehicles, and other types of weapons.


Official delegations
Official delegations  48
Exhibitors  320
Visitors 70K
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