I am pleased to welcome you to the IV International exhibition of weapons systems and military equipment KADEX which will be held within the period from June 2 to June 5, 2016 in Astana city. Today, similar exhibitions are enormously popular all over the world. Given that particularly now, the defensive establishments have a high potential of influence on the global and regional stability. Therefore, one of the primary emphases is laid on development of the sphere of electronic and electron-optical systems, control and communication systems, network solutions.
The troop and weapons control systems, precision weapon protection systems, aviation equipment, air defense systems and facilities, optical-electronic devices are traditionally in the highest demand among the foreign partners at such exhibitions. This interest is quite explainable. The weapons and military equipment are one of the components of export of the internationally in-demand hi-tech products. Under conditions of the increasing competition, countries actively integrate the defense contractors, develop the knowledge-intensive productions capable to manufacture hi-tech products. Within the events, guests and participants have the opportunity not only to become familiar with the exposition of the recent developments of the defense sector enterprises, but also to evaluate their fighting capabilities in action as well.
Meanwhile, we sought to focus both on contracting and demonstration of the military equipment, and on making the exhibition diversified and attractive to everyone. Therefore there is a need of professional and candid dialog, where the military experts could exchange their opinions in meaningful and equitable atmosphere. We expect that the face-to-face interaction with the leading experts and the exchange of opinions on unique technologies will be reliably used for development of the national military thought, as well as strengthening of the military and technical cooperation.
We invite everyone to participate in KADEX-2016 exhibition, which is the greatest in-demand event in the experience of Kazakhstani defense sector over the past few years. I wish an efficient work and high achievements to the participants and the guests of this event!
The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan
I. Tasmagambetov

JUNE 2-5 2016

Military section of Astana International Airport, Astana, Kazakhstan


  • Aircraft, UAVs and space technologies.
  • Army and Navy armament and equipment;
  • Air defense systems and equipment;
  • Troops Logistical and technical support;
  • IT-technologies, communications systems and equipment;
  • Robotic systems in military sphere;
  • Alternative energy sources in military sphere.



The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan


JSC «National company «Kazakhstan engineering»


RSE «Kazspetsexport» of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Exhibition company «Astana-Expo KS»




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