23–26 мая 2018 Казахстан, Астана

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V Международная выставка вооружения и военно-технического имущества

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International Exhibition of Arms KADEX 2016 opened in Astana (PHOTO)

The pavilions and open areas of 40 official delegations of Kazakhstan defense ministries and foreign countries, as well as more than 350 companies producing military equipment from developed countries, which represent its products, exhibit artifacts and conduct a demonstration show, have located at the air base of Kazakhstan Armed forces in an area of ​​900 thousand square meters. According to organizers, the main sections of the exhibition will focus on innovations in the field of IT-technologies, robotics, aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles and other advanced areas in the field of defense and security.

The demonstration program of the exhibition includes demonstrations with the participation of special units of Kazakhstan Armed Forces and military equipment directly standing in service of existing units.


Статистика KADEX-2016

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официальных делегаций  55
количество участников
количество участников  353
количество посетителей
количество посетителей 60 тысяч
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стран- участниц  44



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